Content Manager (YouTube)

May 14, 2024

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Job Description

Apply now: Content Manager (YouTube), location is NYC. The start date is ASAP for this long-term contract positio n
Job Title: Content Manager (YouTube…
Location-Type: NYC (1x onsite) OR Remote (EST)
Start Date Is: ASAP
Duration: (contract, perm, etc) Contract
Compensation Range: $50-60 Per Hour W2
? The estimate above represents the candidate’s typical compensation range at the time of hire. Several factors may be utilized to determine your hourly rate including but not limited to years of experience and specific skillsets compared to employees in this role. Candidates typically start at the lower half of the estimated range.
? This role is eligible to enroll in both Mondo’s health insurance plan and retirement plan. Mondo defers to the applicable State or local law for paid sick leave eligibility.
Project Notes:
? This individual will work as an embed with the PR Social team for a large scale enterprise e-commerce client
? Responsibilities will primarily consist of YouTube Shorts content creation with some strategic analysis of channel approach and operation as time allows.
? YouTube Shorts content will be edited down from existing long form video (not net new content) ? as well as additional edits/cuts from this existing content for use across other social channels as necessary (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok).
? Although this position will be embedded with the client’s team directly, our organization will manage this resource in an ongoing capacity and dedicate time to training them on best practices for working with the end client’s team, aligning on expectations, sharing knowledge of trends, and discussing historical information about what has typically worked well across other client’s accounts.
? largely focusing on Content Creation and content management/publishing for the business unit’s YouTube presence.
? The goal is focusing on content first and potentially supporting with strategy down the road once we’ve established a good cadence.
? They want this person to be very pugged-in/focused on trends ? knowing what the new graphics/aesthetics for these videos are (and how to do it)
? The team is currently not creating ANY long-form video, but reposts/re-edits other content that is developed elsewhere within the company. They want someone who can pull out the good pieces of these existing videos and make it exciting/social-first.
Must Haves
? 5-7 years of experience in digital marketing with expertise in YouTube Content development experience
? Provide 3 YouTube Shorts that they’ve developed (share with client)
? Join multiple client calls each day
? Client interfacing, professional, strong communication skills & can build trust, be decisive, professional
? Expertise with YouTube Shorts content creation, with some strategic analysis of channel approach
? Edit YouTube Shorts from long form video (not net new content)
? Video editing skills are required
? Hip to YouTube trends, best practices on platforms, new graphics
? Execution then strategy
Nice to have:
? PR or agency background is ideal

? PR or agency background is ideal (understand approach to business, integrate into teams seamlessly

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