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May 9, 2024

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Our team is looking for an experienced, top-notch, creative and detail-oriented video editor to edit one educational tutorial YouTube video per week for our online business YouTube channel: ?Sumner & Ali Hobart?…

The average final video length is 20 minutes with videos ranging anywhere from 6 min – 60 minutes. The rate is a flat $225/ video.

? Edit & export one final YouTube video per week (average length of 20 minutes)
? Sequence raw footage together in chronological order using Adobe Premier
? Edit out filler words such as ?umm?, ?uhh?, ?so?, etc.
? Blur sensitive information like personal or company details, bank info., etc.
? Find & add visual overlay to key points of video
? Screen record and add video overlay at key points of video
? Add text and pop-up animations for subscription/social media (files provided)
? Add sound effects such as ?mouth pop? sound at key points of video
? Color grade footage to enhance overall appearance
? Add background music & adjust sound as not to compete with narration
? Add metadata to video (paid training will be provided)
? Export video in optimized format and upload to Google Drive

For examples of the quality we?re looking for, please search for ?Sumner & Ali Hobart? on YouTube.

? 2+ years video editing experience
? Must have experience editing tutorial YouTube videos
? Fluent English
? Color grading experience
? Master with sound FX and background music

? Epidemic Sounds sound FX & background music library
? Raw footage with notes and weekly deadline via Google Drive or Dropbox

RATE: $225.00/ video


A link to the official application form (approx. 10 min to complete) will be sent to you via message here on Indeed once you apply.

Job Type: Contract

Pay: $200.00 – $225.00 per week

? Employee discount
? Flexible schedule
? Professional development assistance

Work Location: Remote

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