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May 9, 2024

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Job Description – Live Chat Jobs From Home-Remote Jobs Hiring Now – Part-Time
If you would like to do online chat assistant jobs from home, we’re ready to hire you. That’s because we are currently hiring new live chat assistants. You will work for businesses answering live chat messages on their website or social media accounts…
What you will be doing: You will be paid to respond as a live chat assistant messages on a company’s website or social media accounts as a live chat assistant. This includes responding to customer inquiries, providing sales links, and providing discounts. These are part-time remote positions, meaning that you can do the work online from your home.
Requirements: You must be able to use the chat features of social media and websites. This could be a smartphone, tablet, or laptop computer. You must be able to work autonomously while also following instructions. A dependable internet connection is also required.
Hours per week: 15 hours a week
Location: We are hiring candidates for remote live chat agent work from home position and preferred remote jobs location is United States, Canada & United Kingdom.
Feel free to apply because no experience is required for this entry level remote live chat jobs position and anyone can apply for this position.
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Remote work flexibility

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