Market Research Opportunity for Parents of Teenagers

May 11, 2024

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Job Description

We are conducting a paid online research study that involves the opinions of 13?18-year-olds about mental health, emotional well-being, and guns/firearms. Participants will be asked to discuss potentially sensitive topics. We would like to understand the different experiences, opinions, and views around these topics. Taking this opportunity to have your voice heard would greatly help us further… research, and your participation would be hugely appreciated.

First, we would like for the parent/caregiver of a 13?18-year-old to complete the pre-screening link below where we will ask preliminary questions and ask for the teens contact information. After this, we will contact the teen and ask them to complete a pre-screener. If they qualify, we will then contact both of you to schedule the teen for the exclusive discussion.

Incentive: $125 (paid to the teen who qualifies and participates)

When: April 22nd- May 10th

Who: 13?18-year-olds

Expected Duration: 60-minutes

Pre-Screening Survey Link (if there is no hyperlink, please copy and paste into your browser) (no compensation for completing the pre-screener):

To be as inclusive as possible and to ensure proper representation for all groups, we are going to ask your child certain questions. This includes age, grade, race/ethnicity, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Along with some questions surrounding their mental health and views towards guns/firearms.

Participation is strictly voluntary, and responses are used for research purposes only. If at any point you or your child don?t feel comfortable continuing with the survey or are no longer interested in participating, you and your child may exit the survey or close out of the link to the survey

Thank you and have a great day

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