Remote Pharmacy Technician at CVS Health

May 13, 2024

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Job Description

Welcome to CVS Health, a leading healthcare company dedicated to improving the well-being of individuals across the globe. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer care, CVS Health has been at the forefront of delivering quality healthcare solutions. As we expand our virtual capabilities, we are excited to invite passionate individuals to join our team as Remote Pharmacy Technicians in the UK.
Position: Remote Pharmacy Technician
Location: Virtual/Remote (Based in the UK)
Company: CVS Health
Job Overview:
We are seeking skilled and motivated Remote Pharmacy Technicians to contribute to our virtual pharmacy operations. In this role, you will play a crucial part in providing exceptional pharmaceutical services to our customers while enjoying the flexibility of working remotely.
? * Medication Dispensing: Accurately dispense prescription medications following established protocols and guidelines.
? * Patient Assistance: Provide excellent customer service by… addressing patient queries and concerns related to medications.
? * Order Processing: Receive, process, and fulfill medication orders efficiently.
? * Quality Assurance: Conduct routine checks to ensure accuracy in medication dispensing and packaging.
? * Collaboration: Work closely with the pharmacy team to maintain a smooth workflow and address any issues that may arise.
? Required Skills:
? * Pharmacy Technician Certification: Hold a valid Pharmacy Technician Certification (PTCB or equivalent).
? * Remote Work Proficiency: Demonstrate the ability to effectively work in a remote environment, ensuring productivity and communication.
? * Pharmaceutical Knowledge: Possess a strong understanding of pharmaceuticals and pharmacy operations.
? * Attention to Detail: Exhibit a keen eye for detail in medication dispensing and order processing.
? * Customer Service Excellence: Showcase excellent interpersonal skills in addressing patient inquiries and providing support.
? * Adaptability: Thrive in a dynamic work environment and adapt to changing priorities.
? How to Apply:
If you are a dedicated Pharmacy Technician looking for a rewarding remote opportunity with CVS Health, please submit your resume and cover letter through our online application portal. Join us in our mission to enhance the health and well-being of communities through accessible and high-quality healthcare services.
CVS Health is an equal opportunity employer and we encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply

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