Simple Social Media Data Entry- No Experience Needed – Need 645…

May 11, 2024

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Job Description

Do Not Reapply by mistake ! Interviewing 391 people already and Need 254 more People
Simple task which requires no experience…
You just need to have a cell phone.
Need 645 People to help with the task.
I will do a short call on upwork ( 1-2 min audio call).
I will reach out to everyone who applies within 12 hours-24 hours so check back within a day
Do Not reapply if this is reposted in the future.
We are testing out a function on an app and need you to point out any issues that you come across such as an error.
You might get an error code or the app might pause.
Just let us know if you have any issues navigating.
Also let us know if it went smoothly without any issues when you went through the apps and its different pages.
For the first app test you will be paid $45
The first task will take 5-10 minutes for $45

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