Software Quality Engineer for Andriod Level 3

May 11, 2024

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About US : Since 2008, EITACIES has been a beacon of innovation, crafting tailored tech solutions. From humble beginnings, we’ve grown globally, nurturing client relationships and adapting to digital shifts. Today, we’re a tech powerhouse, delivering customized excellence from startups to Fortune 500, State & Federal clients.
Software Quality Engineer for Andriod Level 3
Remote Work
? Looking for 8+ years testing experience
? 3+ years of experience in software development and testing, with a focus on the Android platform.
? Strong proficiency in Android application development using Java or Kotlin
? Hands-on experience with Android testing frameworks such as Espresso, UI Automator, and Appium.
? Experience with continuous integration and delivery pipelines (e.g., Jenkins, CircleCI, Github).
? Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail.
? Knowledge of Accessibility and Security: testing apps that are accessible to everyone and secure from… vulnerabilities is important.
? Excellent communication and collaboration skills
? Can translate requirements, wireframes and mock-ups into test cases that are executed in the automation platform
? Strong problem-solving skills, detail oriented, works well in a team and individually.
Thanks & Regards,
Skoricherla (@) eitacies (.) com

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