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May 7, 2024

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Hey Girl Friday | Job Description ? Virtual Assistant…

Hey Girl Friday is a Virtual Assistant Agency based in the United States. We find kind, efficient, and innovative Client Advocates and give them flexible, fun, and fulfilling work. Small businesses and solopreneurs enlist us to help grow their businesses and find peace of mind. Our culture is centered around a commitment to relationships, service, vulnerability, and a passion for helping others. We use our values to strengthen not only each other, but everyone we come in contact with. We hope to empower one another and our Clients to be our best selves through the power of relationships, connection, and collaboration.

The Client Advocate is responsible for serving and working alongside Hey Girl Friday Clients. This person loves helping other people and empowering them to perform at their best. The most important aspect of this role is the relationship with the Client. Alongside empowering the Client, we seek ways to improve their systems, providing feedback along the way. These relationships are professional with a personal touch, intentionally providing support while executing tasks and responsibilities.


You are responsible for providing support to Clients assigned by Hey Girl Friday. Support may include and is not limited to:
? Administration: When it comes to business administration (think: emails, schedules, agendas), you?re on it. You maintain your Client?s appointments protect their time and you?re on top of your communications so nothing is missed. Admin tasks come naturally to you, from preparing agendas and capturing meeting minutes to booking flights rental cars, researching vacation rentals, or offering up suggestions for the best dining and sightseeing. You love setting your Clients up for success both personally and professionally.
? Communication: Your communication is friendly and professional. You are on top of all communications to ensure no one is waiting on you. You understand that first impressions can be the backbone of a company so every interaction with stakeholders is friendly, professional, and engaging.
? Operations: From systems and processes to inboxes, you are responsible for ensuring your Client/s workflows are humming at peak efficiency. Creating clear and seamless operating procedures comes naturally to you. You are able to identify your Client?s needs, so that you?re always one-step-ahead of your Client.
? Project Management: You are a wiz when it comes to managing and executing projects. Once a project is handed off to you, your Client/s trust you to get the job done and done well. Most of the time, nothing falls through the cracks and, on the rare occasion something does, you identify it, loop in the key people involved, and troubleshoot it quickly and efficiently.
? Sales Customer Service: You have experience or formal training in both Sales and Customer Service. You understand sales is about storytelling and Customer Service is learning customer needs. Your curiosity helps you ask the right questions to get at the heart of the issue and you are quick to navigate towards a solution. Your heart for people shines through as you seek to make the customer heard and seen throughout this process all while keeping the needs of the business in alignment.
? Marketing: Canva is your middle name and copy is why you play the game. You enjoy learning your Client?s brand and executing on recurring tasks to uphold the marketing arm (think: creating content in Canva or coming up with copy for your Client?s next social post). You know how to make a mean content calendar and love leveraging tools (hello, Later!) to execute streamline your tasks.
? Personal Tasks: Whether it?s assisting with ordering food or supplements or scheduling personal appointments (like a sitter for date nights), you?re happy to help ?? anything that can free up your Client?s time so they can focus on what they do best!

Note: If you lack sales, customer service, or marketing experience, please still apply! Hey Girl Friday can take this into consideration when pairing you with Clients.


You have at least 90% of the following attributes:
? Relational: You love working with other people. You count your Client?s success as your success and are professional with a friendly touch.
? Detail Oriented: You?re careful and precise in every task ?? your thoroughness means nothing gets by you. You are other?s ?go-to? person who can get the job done efficiently and effectively.
? Effective Communicator: You confidently communicate with anyone ?? Clients, vendors, executives, or team members ?? all while authentically showing up as yourself. You?re attentive to feedback and value others’ input.
? Curious: You keep an open mind and remain teachable. You are not afraid to ask questions, admit when you?re wrong, or consider different perspectives/ideas. You ask questions to maintain alignment. You see a discussion as an opportunity to understand others point of view.
? Humble: You?re eager to assist, no matter how small the task. Others feel comfortable coming to you for help or feedback because they can count on you for your honesty. You?re empathetic and understand the importance of transparency.
? Discerning: You?re perceptive, insightful, and rational. You thoughtfully deliberate a situation to ensure you respond in a patient and intentional manner. You access a situation from multiple angles while keeping the larger goal in mind.
? Innovative Proactive: You enjoy exploring new ideas or methods and are skilled at staying ahead of the game. Developing systems and processes are your jam.
? Adaptable Collaborative: You welcome the opportunity to work collaboratively with others to find solutions and are eager to share your insights with the team. You are adept at pivoting when needed and can adjust your priorities when a new objective arises.
? Tech Savvy: You?re not afraid to jump in and research new platforms or systems. You intuitively know how to make technology work for you for a seamless workflow. You?re a lifelong learner and seek out new information to make sure you stay on top of the latest software.

? Based within the United States
? Available daily (Mon-Fri) during business hours in your respective time zone, and able to dedicate at least 5 hours/week (1 hour/day)
? Experience in an administrative support role
? Proficiency in Google Suite Microsoft 365
? A presentable in-home office setup including Mac or PC Computer (with webcam) and reliable devices (Wi-Fi, cellphone, etc.)
? A fast and reliable internet connection
? Ability to organize a daily workload by priorities
? Excellent written and verbal communication
? Bachelor?s degree and experience working remotely preferred



Your working hours are completely dependent upon your commitment to your Client/s. Hey Girl Friday operates in hourly, weekly blocks of ?5? Monday-Friday. A 5 hour commitment means 1 hour/day, a 10 hour commitment means 2 hours/day and so on. You will communicate to Hey Girl Friday the set number of hours you are hoping to work each week and Hey Girl Friday will work to ensure you have the number of hours you requested.

? Flexible work schedule
? Virtual setup
? Boutique agency
? Pipeline of pre-vetted clients
? Invoices and contracts pre-negotiated and managed on your behalf


All information obtained and shared during your engagement with Hey Girl Friday is proprietary and confidential to Hey Girl Friday. Hey Girl Friday Advocates will be required to sign an agreement stating their adherence to the guidelines outlined in The Hey Girl Friday Guidebook pertaining, but not limited to, Client Confidentiality, Hey Girl Friday Confidentiality, Exclusivity of Services, and general guidelines for conducting as an Independent Contractor (1099) with Hey Girl Friday.

Job Types: Part-time, Contract

Pay: $25.00 per hour

? Flexible schedule

? Monday to Friday

Work Location: Remote

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