YouTube Gaming Informative video on Fallout – Contract to Hire

May 13, 2024

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The price is negotiable. Feel free to send your own offer as well as if you have any prior experience.
I create informative YouTube gaming videos. Tips, Top #’s, etc. My editing is not at all complex. It’s mostly matching up video with what I’m talking about. So, if you have experience that is GREAT but not totally necessary…
I need an editor right now for a Fallout 4 video. If you do a good job I’ll stick with you for future videos at least once a week, probably more.
I have a few possible sponsors in the next few videos so I’ll also give you a bonus if those do go through.
Videos typically take me 2-3 hours but if you’re experienced I imagine it would go a lot faster. They tend to end up 8-14 minutes long. The audio of me talking is usually around 30 minutes and needs to be condensed down to where there aren’t any pauses unless necessary. I can send my channel over so you can get an idea once I hire you.
I highly prefer if you use Davinci Resolve so if there are any issues, I can quickly fix it myself instead of sending it back to you.
I need someone who can at least have the video done hopefully within 24 hrs after I send it over

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